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Providing residential and commercial floor cleaning services. Safe for carpet, wood, tile, and stone.

I use biodegradable cleaning products and offer multiple types of carpet cleaning. I offer steam cleaning--applying up to 500% less water than typical steam cleaners--but still getting the carpets rinsed and cleaned. I also employ the use of fans to make sure to dry the carpet as much as possible, taking care to not leave wet carpets behind.

I offer low-moisture carpet cleaning as well, leaving the carpets dried in as little as an hour. Hydrogen peroxide is used in both methods as a safe cleaning agent that is very effective at removing spots & stains. One of the great things about peroxide is that it biodegrades to simply oxygen and water, leaving no residue or harmful fragrances behind. It is valuable as a disinfectant and can potentially disinfect surfaces (including fabric like carpeting) by up to 99.9%.

Tile & grout is cleaned with similar chemistry and methods, making sure to agitate the grout lines and really give the floors a good scrub. I can return the color of the grout, while also not leaving any residue behind that can re-soil the tile & grout.



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