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Powder Hounds Pet Supply is a dog & cat supply store inspired out of a profound love of animals. We are dedicated to providing high customer satisfaction through excellent service, innovative, high quality pet products, & a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere. Owners Steve & Julie started Fresh Tracks Pet Shoppe in Colorado in 2014 & sold the business to one of their customers when they decided to move to Montana. Eager for contact with more furry faces, Julie & Steve decided their new home in Bigfork, Montana needed a store that locals could call their own. They care for their pets & for the pets around them as if they were their own human children. Julie is often told by her friends that they wish to be reincarnated as her pet. Steve says "Dog is my co-pilot" & is often found with dog in tow for the next adventure. We believe in an extended whole animal approach to wellness. This means that we want to help pets (and their people) live the most abundant life possible through the following values:

1. FOOD: Our focus is on species appropriate diets, especially fresh and raw foods
2. FUN: We love finding cool toys as well as always keeping the tried and true standbys on hand
3. FOREST: We will strive to provide our customers with knowledge about the best places to go in which to avoid crowds, be off leash, or whatever you might be looking for
4. FRIENDS: If a multi pet household isn't an option, we will help to find your pet the kind of interaction he or she needs
5. FAMILY: Encouraging a foundation of support with which to share all of the above


  • Bulk Treat Heaven
  • Raw, Freeze Dried, Canned & Dry food options
  • Wall of toys
  • Gear for the Montana life


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