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Good Stuff Botanicals

Good Stuff Botanicals

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About Us

There is a force greater than us, we call her Mother Nature and she provides. We respectfully and consciously collect her petals, gather her roots and essences to artfully create nourishing skincare that is just as gentle and powerful as she is. To ensure that our ingredients are treated as kindly as they deserve, we wildcraft as much as we can source locally in the wild mountains of Montana. Meaning, we strap on our snowshoes in February to search for cottonwood buds and we jump into a pair of waders in the fall to hunt horsetail. What we can't find here, we build trusted friendships with people all over the world that are just as passionate about our planet as we are and happily use their carefully created ingredients.
Creating a direct link with skincare to our ancestorial past by using the same methodology & raw ingredients, you can feel it in your soul.

Understanding that our skin absorbs 60% of what we apply topically into our bloodstream, we use only the best, healthy ingredients in our products. We have scoured all corners of this earth to source our ingredients to their indigenous origin, from Indian kokum butter to Montana mineral water. We often base our formulas after age-old, tried and true recipes using the same methods that have been handed down through the generations. You can feel these ancestorial ties in your soul.


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