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About Us

Farm To Fork is a food outlet cultivating plant-based cuisine using local organic products whenever possible. Our mission is to provide creative, fun, healthy meals for our local community. We are doing this by providing take & bake meals & participating in local farmers markets/events.

We know what it is like to work all day, come home tired & everyone in the family is hungry & looking at you to prepare dinner. We provide take & bake meals just for these occasions. Pop one of our meals in the oven & voila dinner is ready. Take & bake meals are currently offered at Max’s Market in Bigfork. Examples include: Braised Tofu, Black Bean & Kale Enchiladas, Red Lentil Curry with Jasmine Rice, Mexican Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes with Cilantro Pesto. If you are interested in take & bake meals in your area or require delivery, please contact Anna.

What is Plant-Based Food?
Plant-based food is not just a side salad. And I am here to prove it! Plant – based food means food that comes from plants & doesn’t include animal ingredients such as meat, seafood, milk, eggs or cheese. It focuses on plants, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds & nuts.
Eating plant based is DELICIOUS! I encourage you to try it! Traditional fare is transformed into creative.

Philosophy & Commitment
To make every effort to do business with local farmers, vendors & to use organic, local & seasonal produce whenever possible.
To tread lightly on the planet & be ever – mindful of our environmental responsibilities.
To invest in & give back to our community on a regular basis.


Aspargus Soup
Nachos with Mushroom Chorizo
Parckaged Enchiladas
Red Lentil Curry